Eating Healthy Day 1

A few days ago, I was on medical leave - for a reason you wouldn't believe.

Sprained my hip bone (I think that's what it's called) after playing badminton last Saturday XD There was a family day organized by the husband's company, and there were futsal and badminton..not hard to guess which sports I took part of.

Still, ended up with massive body ache and sprained hip T.T

"It's my first time working out after delivering Rayyan OK?!"

What I told the colleagues when they gave me confused looks haha.

So went to see the doctor, and she said it's normal for women to have this back pain - mostly due to carrying a weight similar to a watermelon in their belly for 9 months. I told her it used to be so hard to get out of bed towards the end of my pregnancy, and that I still have back pain till today, especially now that Rayyan's getting bigger and heavier.

Also, I started doing sit-ups now for the aim of a flatter tummy - she said,
"Well, you really should be focusing on your wellbeing first - and that is to take it easy on these exercises. Some women are lucky to not have the post-pregnancy side effects such as this back pain, but some, they'd have to endure this naturally"

I asked for meds that will make this pain go away. There's no such thing -_-

She gave me a set of painkillers and "muscle-relaxer" pills, which are supposed to help with the pain. But I'd have to rely on them instead of curing them and that doesn't make me feel so good.

My friends keep telling me to exercise, but even when I want to exercise, I can't T.T What kind of sorcery is this. So went back home and had a sudden crave for something healthy (I'm out of options here)

So this was my being-healthy Day 1.


Raid my fridge and made smoothies for breakfast.

Hubs was complaining the night before that we had so many lettuce leftovers, so I decided to make a veggie fruit smoothie.

Ingredients :

+ 2 pears
+ 1 frozen banana
+ 2 bowls of lettuce, chopped
+ Protein powder (I used my long-abandoned ESP)
+ 2 cups of milk

Add everything into a fruit blender (I used my Avent Philips Steamer & Blender) and blend according to taste.

Sprinkle some oats on top with berries or grapes, and voila. Kept me full till 1 pm!


Opted for the simplest recipe ever - broiled chicken. With salad and egg.

Kept me full for hours! Come dinnertime I was still full so I ate half a portion I'd usually take.

Got the recipe off Youtube. Can't find the link anymore, but he also showed how we can make thyme sauce from the broiled chicken juice using butter, so guess how mine turned out.

Extremely salty and oil-looking and not tasty at all.


Recipe :

+ Grease chicken meat with oyster sauce (or any sauce you like)
+ Add salt, pepper and garlic powder/bits
+ Prep the container bottom with chopped onion 
+ Place chicken on top of the onion
+ Place container inside microwave oven at 600 W for 3 minutes
+ Switch chicken meat to the other side, sprinkle more salt and pepper and place inside microwave
+ After 3 minutes, take out the container, separate the chicken to another plate (leaving the juicy bits of onion and chicken juice)
+ Put the container on stove (low heat), add thyme leaves and more butter and stir until the sauce is even
+ Serve!

For my thyme sauce, I think the butter is salted hence the extra saltiness - so I'd recommend you to use the unsalted butter. Thyme definitely is my favorite to add to food these days.

Ooh, I ate this with chilli sauce too. Thinking of making this for Shahrul one day and see what he'd say - once I've improved on the sauce!

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