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So I hired a kitchen helper

Genius creation in parenting world.

It started when Rayyan turned 5 months and I was so excited to prepare him his first solids. At first I thought I didn't need this - even though reading reviews on the internet really tempt me. Thought I'd put my supermommy cap on..and do everything from scratch.

Well..what I later discovered, is steaming food, waiting for it to be completely tender, transferring it from its hot pot into a blender, blending it, transferring it to another pot..all these processes are quite handful and tedious. Especially for someone who's not so patient like me, and nighttime is the only time I get to be domestic.

Then, I told Shahrul I might need this to help speed up the process. Guess what? He told me he's got some major reward point on his credit card just waiting to be used, and this blender just happens to be in the list of free gifts given by the bank.

So we basically got this at a hugeee discount!

Using this steamer cum blender basically eliminates the tedious transferring stuff process, which I love. Steaming takes 15 minutes before it automatically stops, and just turn it upside down to blend, and there, VOILA! Siap already. It comes with a recipe book too, in case you ran out of ideas of what to make for your baby.

The original price is quite expensive, so if you're a Maybank credit card holder, look out for reward points you can use for these things. You might just get it for free XD

So excited to prepare solids for him now. I've tried pear, apple, sweet potato and pumpkin - about time to mix 'em up soon when he's bigger.


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