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OK so I think one of my current obsession (on my beauty counter, that is), are these.

Benefit and I have come a longg way - I was their loyal user (Porefessional!) until I came back to Malaysia for good, and their stuff just stopped doing wonders on my face. Or maybe it wasn't their fault; it's just that my skin is shit in Malaysia weather. *wails

Butttt recently, someone asked me if I'm still using Benefit (I guess it has something to do with this blog), because she has some free stuff from Benefit to give away. And after a few weeks, I got these in my hands :O

There's no way I could afford to buy these (am on a makeup shopping ban) so I couldn't wait to use them.

+ Specialist Dream Screen : Benefit's own sunscreen. Texture is a bit similar to other sunscreens you can find at drugstores. My face feels brighter now!

+ Do The Bright Thing kit : Oh I love everything about this kit! Contains That Gal primer, Dandelion blush, free brush, High Beam highlighter, They're Real! mascara, and BADgal waterproof eyeliner

From the list, High Beam is my favorite - when used, my cheeks sort of became alive XD True to the word, it highlights face perfectly. If you hate the spotlight, it isn't for you then.

I've tried their mascara and have always loved it. I rarely ever use primers for my face, so That Gal doesn't really appeal to me. When applied, it does make my skin feels smooth for my foundation, but I'm still debating whether it's a good thing. (still using it everyday though - we'll see how this relationship goes) The blush color is a sweet pink on my cheek - makes High Beam pops even brighter.

So happy to see these on my makeup counter now, I use them everyday XD

Thank you for these, you know who you are :)

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