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how I spent Malaysia Day

(This is a cheesy post.)

If you ask me what I did on Malaysia Day, I'd tell you nothing patriotic - just staying at home, chilling with my boys.

Why? Because we're down with sickness. T.T

I had stomach flu since Monday (seriously, the worst disease ever) and have been in and out the bathroom every few minutes during the day, so going out isn't an option. Shahrul, on the other hand, isn't feeling well too; he had sore throat and fever.

Which makes Rayyan the only man standing.

And let me tell you; taking care of a (healthy, jovial) baby when both of you aren't well is really the hardest task.

So there we were, the three of us, in the house. Come afternoon, we've successfully taken care of Rayyan - bathed him, changed him, fed him, got him ready to nap. Shahrul took some cold medicine for his throat, and was feeling dizzy and sleepy from the meds.

I, on the other hand, was studying for my upcoming ACD (an assessment our company made us take once a year, to keep us technically competent for the job. Sort of like a final exam during uni, except that it's not writing, it's ORAL. Die) I'll be having soon. So I was in front of my office laptop, face buried in some technical reports and drawings.

Shahrul, earlier has agreed that he'd take care of Rayyan while I'm studying - he takes my exam very seriously. (He even told me we'd go back to kampung for Raya only if I've done studying T.T) So while I was studying, he laid beside Rayyan, played with him a bit until Rayyan got sleepy and napped.

After a few minutes, I realized..both of them were already sound asleep. -_-"

Then, Rayyan suddenly woke up from the TV's noise - and started fussing and crying. Tried to ignore and continue my studying, but Shahrul was already so knocked out that he didn't realized anything. So I took Rayyan in my hands and patted him until he got sleepy again and napped.

Well..repeat this process a few times, for a few hours T.T So much for studying! But actually it's a distraction I needed - got so tired of reading those reports too, that cuddling my baby in between those didn't hurt. Stress-relieving, even.

Shahrul woke up, saw that I've done with my studying and was holding Rayyan.

Then, he signaled me to come to him, and sit on his lap. So I did.

Then he said,

"Sayang, I'm so sorry I made you take care of him, even though I promised I would. I was so tired and sleepy from the cold meds. I know you're supposed to be studying. I'm sorry ok? Go study, I'll handle Rayyan"

And took Rayyan from me.

And my heart melted on the floor. I wasn't even upset - I did get some studying done, so I didn't mind the distractions but he really did feel guilty for not being the one taking care of Rayyan.

Parenthood could be so hard, babies could suck the life out of you - but moments like this makes it all worth it. This would serve as a reminder to me in future that I have a thoughtful husband, who cares for us as much as we do.

I wouldn't trade it with anything.


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