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getting back into shape postpartum

The struggle is real.

I think the most famous topic being debated among my friends now, is this.

Looking back, I've always hated being stereotyped as women who has started having children, as lazy. Granted, we have a baby now to take care of instead of just ourselves (and the husband), and time is of the essence - putting on decent scarves now is such a task.

But then, just last weekend, when I browsed pictures of Rayyan's akikah in my camera, something hit me.

I don't look the same.

Sure, I got back the weight pre-pregnancy thanks to the pantang food I had relied on - but truth is, getting back the shape pre-pregnancy is the hardest part.

I hated to be categorized and stereotyped as the women who had children tend to let themselves go; but here I am, in a mess of a scarf on my head, plain work top, plain black trousers carrying 2 bags to accommodate my office laptop and a breast pump bag.

Who have I become?

My typical work outfit. Plus some extra MAC face powder on because I knew Kevin Zahri is in our office that day lol.

So boring kan?

I know in my case, I'm luckier as I didn't gain extra weight - and I really wonder how other ladies are coping with this issue. Or perhaps it doesn't affect them as much as it did me, which is totally understandable because handling babies ain't easy. You simply don't bother if your tudung is senget or crumpled when you have a screaming baby in your hands. That, I really do understand.

But..I just really, really believe you've got to take care of yourself first, before you could take care of anyone else.

My concern was made clearer - Kevin Zahri was at our office last few weeks, to talk about getting fit. Some of the questions hit home; how to lose the extra flabby tummy, how to watch the daily calories intake, etc.

For someone who just doesn't do exercise like me, the extra efforts are crucial.

So just to share here, what I've been doing to keep those flabby tummy at least bearable :

1. drink more water especially during the day - I keep an extra tumbler at the office for easier water intake, it helps with milk production too

2. wear girdle/bengkung when you can - they're bothersome and annoying as hell, yes, but helpful in the long run

3. limit carbs intake - for me, I always need to have rice everyday but in considerate amount for each serving. Kevin says the ideal amount of rice is the size of your fist, no more

4. sit ups - this is a lie because I only did it once. But I read that it's supposed to help flatten back your tummy

5. fruits, fruits, fruits

Will add more to the list when I've read and learned more. I vow from now on, to get back in shape before this flabby tummy gets permanent. Anyone with me? :)


  1. love this post.
    and satu lagi, ambil extra protein. eat more red meat, seeds, etc.kurangkan sugar intake as well. no more instant coffee, milo ke apa. last time, carbs amount anon ambil macam biasa, tapi tak minum lansung air manis. just minum plain water. turun 3 kg, and muka tak nampak bloated sgt.

    1. Yeke OMG T.T I cannot live without instant coffee and Milo sobs. Tapi rice, I can do without. Hehe.


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