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Anya Hindmarch Cloud Stickers

Look, the damage last few weeks.

I swear I'm not crazy.

After getting the first alphabet sticker from Anya last month, I found myself taking care of my phone (and the case hehehe) so well, compared to before. The phone will not go near any wet or dirty surface at all; I make sure of that. For the sake of those pretty stickers.

So..I love them so much, I went and bought new ones. -_-"

This time, I chose the clouds and not alphabets because I couldn't make up my mind on which one to use. And this cloud print actually comes in a set of two at a few puluh ringgit extra. Not bad!

The SA said these are the best sellers too. I can see why, saw them so frequently on Anya Hindmarch's Instagram. Goes with anything - bags, clutches, phones. Everything.

Now, I'm determined that my phone case obsession shall end - I've gotta appreciate these stickers and put them to good (and longgg) use. In fact, there shall be no more new bags for this year, I've even unsubscribed to Reebonz and MyTheresa because they kept harassing my inbox. (and purse)

Tips how to reduce splurging? UNSUBSCRIBE. Reebonz makes my life a h***.

After all, I've got my dream bag(s) already for this year, so.

Rayyan's gonna be so proud of me!


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