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Was (miraculously) invited to Anya's official launch of Bespoke line in Pavilion last few weeks.

(I should block their number T.T)

But I was looking forward to it, mostly because they have flown in a British craftsman who would provide embossing service on the AH leather items if you managed to get your hands on them, example below :


So I went. Without intending to buy anything at first, but I tried on a bag nevertheless; their infamous maxi zip satchel - the latest, with a "wow!" on it. In nude color.

So. Nice! Matches everything. The compartments in the bag have their own category i.e. for purse, cards etc - in bright orange, which makes the bag so quirky. I think I'm falling more and more in love with Anya because of this exact reason.

But I had to let it go..for a (good) reason. Will blog soon!

Nevertheless, came home that day with this.

As seen on Cara Delevigne, yay. Z for Zatil yay.

Staring at my phone is a pleasure now. I don't think I was ever obsessed with my phone like I do at the moment.

Quirky phone cases, yes. Good to know some people are into them, too.


  1. Why would you describe the bag as infamous? I thought infamy means popular for all the wrong reasons. And the bag is actually nice!

    1. Because I really hated it before T.T I thought the design was off-putting. Having said that, even now looking at this photo of me wearing it - the bag still doesn't sit well with me. But love the quirky design inside the bag and the "wow"!

  2. Its okay to admit that you didnt know what infamy meant until it was pointed out.

    1. Ms, leave her alone. Bring your attitude somewhere else

    2. Hi Anon, I'm not sure why you leave the comment or what your problem is, but really don't worry about my grammar here - it's my blog after all. Cheers :)

  3. Grammar dengan vocab dua perkara berbeza... T.T

    1. ...I can't even. Obviously you've got issues, dude. Sort it out. *eats popcorn


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