What I'm thankful for this year (so far, and it's only been February T.T)?


Firstly, I want clarify that our preparation for the baby is about 90% done, Alhamdulillah! Though am ashamed to say..most of it, was actually done by the husband.

The mittens in the picture above are actually preloved - given by our families and relatives. There are actually a lottttt of them (explains why there are also pink mittens, lol); I just put some in the picture to make it look pretty. 

Spent the CNY break mostly out at the mall or at home, spring cleaning. While I was on the sofa watching TV or movies on my laptop, the husband was vacuum-ing the entire house, mopping the floor, cleaning both our bathrooms, setting up the baby cot, and feather duster-ing everything he could.

And he wouldn't let me do anything! How did I get so lucky T.T

(He was the one who folded those mittens too, after washing them all using the washing machine)

Granted, I'm already heavy and even bringing plates and glasses to the kitchen took so much of my energy; so I relied on him to do the chores. Only that I didn't know he'd gladly do them all - even came up with a list -_-"

Not only that, he got me a new phone too.

Sigh, baby boy, I have a feeling we're going to have a tough time berebut your Daddy's love. He's going to spoil you to bits.

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