what's for dinner?

Pre-pregnancy, if you noticed I was always eager to cook or try a new recipe to cook for our new household.

Nowadays (being pregnant)...



I know, I know. I shouldn't be giving excuses on domestic tasks because as a wife, it's your duty by default and one way or another, cooking or not, you'd have to fill that empty stomach of a husband. Mum, especially would keep track of how frequent I cook (I KNOW!) and how frequent I made the husband tapau for food.

"So..what's your menu today?" She'd ask. Every single time.

But far for me to complain, I don't know what I did to deserve a husband who understands; especially when I've gotten pregnant. He'd assure me everyday not to cook if I don't feel well, or if I'm having morning sickness or just plain tired - he'd tapau anywhere he can.

But there are some phases during pregnancy, too, when I'm just too tired from stall and restaurant food and decided to cook something simple. Something I'm more inclined to eat during this pregnancy - it could be sayur masak lemak, or telur masak lemak, or ayam masak merah I used to make during Japan uni days.

In the making. Back when I used to do these things T.T

And of course, towards the evening I'd always ask him what he wants to eat for dinner. I thought it's just natural to and nice enough of me to include his preferences in our dinner menu, rather than syok sendiri and cook whatever I want.

Until one day he snapped,

"You just cook whatever you feel like eating, okay? Don't worry about me, I can eat whatever we're having. So you don't have to ask me okay? If you don't feel like cooking, I can just bring home whatever you want to eat, don't worry. Just decide and tell me"


Didn't know it annoys him so much LOL.


  1. telur masak lemak sounds so sedap!! telur dlm gulai hijau la kan, mcm masak lemak cili api tu?

    1. Yes tapi mine selalu masak lemak kuning, tak pedas sgt I think? Hijau creeps me out T.T



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