In Germany

My first time blogging from my phone. Wifi provided by this hotel requires tedious logging in and out of one device at a time, so I figured I'd just ditch the laptop and rely on the phone instead.

I'm in Hamburg now!

My first time leaving the husband behind for a work trip, and I've gotta say it's not pleasant. So used to travel with him by my side so traveling so far away from home this time, alone is just weird. Except that one time when I was in Amsterdam.

He's away in China too at the moment for a work trip, too - so us both being in foreign countries at the same time kind of screws up our catching up time.

Thank God for technology.

And guess what was the first thing I bought upon reaching this city?

Couldn't resist buying this once I saw it in the store. The feeling is so weird that I realize I no longer think about me (or the husband lol), but the baby.

Hate to admit I'm turning into one of those moms.


  1. comelnyeeee. have fun in europe!

  2. if dpt baby girl, boleh imagine baju/benda comel2 yang zatil beli :)

    anyway, take care. jaga makan.

    1. Haha I'd be dead broke XD
      Thank you, insyaAllah :)



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