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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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second trimester so far

Here's a picture of an ultrasound image I took from a pregnancy website which resembles our ultrasound recently, because the husband is too overprotective to allow me post ours here.

Going to the gynae this time around is somehow a mood-lifting event for me - because we get to see the little human being inside me doing somersaults and kicks. I can't describe the feeling.

And then, hearing the doctor's comment,

"Wow your baby's really active!"

It's surreal.

During the first trimester, I was in hell throwing up every minute and seeing the ultrasound of an image resembling an egg (figuratively speaking) wasn't really that interesting. But the next subsequent visit, when we first introduced to 3D ultrasound and the doctor showed us the head, the fingers, the thumb, the legs - it slowly changed. I'd never consider myself maternal, but seeing that little person practically living inside me all kicking; MasyaAllah, it was the best feeling so far.

WTH is happening to me T.T

Thank goodness for this feel-good second trimester!


No more throwing up, but sometimes the nausea still creeps in, especially in the morning. But Alhamdulillah feeling all better and energetic again (which makes the other half happier, because happy wife means happy life lol.)

Growing belly

First week entering the second trimester and I can no longer wear jeans T.T I can, but without zipping the jeans which terrifies me if someone decides to peek under there. Hence the whiny post about shopping for new clothes.


Was given one type of supplement previously, and now I'm taking 3 different kinds every day. I might do a post just on supplement one day.


Slowly returning after suffering 3 whole months of nausea. Also started to get comments on chubby(er) cheeks and fuller face, despite losing some weight last month sheesh. 

PDA from husband

I think he freaked out at first during the first trimester, because he was constantly on the edge of me throwing up and not being able to really eat or cook and just laying on the sofa all the time that he was so focus on taking care of my health - but now, I think it's finally sinked in that we're having a baby. There's one time that he even talks to my belly, assuming to the baby, about me.

He even made a comment about it.

"I didn't really feel it at first because your belly wasn't that huge..but now.."

All the while staring at my belly in disbelief -____-"

And yes, we've found out the sex of the baby :")


  1. Aww. have fun with pregnancy!!

    -K. Wawa

  2. "...get comments on chubby(er) cheeks and fuller face..."

    perempuan nampak paling cantik adalah sewaktu dia pregnant, ini opinion anon lah (walaupon anon belum pernah pregnant lagi). tambah pulak kalau perempuan yg pregnant tu adalah zatil :)

    dah tau boy or girl...waaaaahhhh!! kalau tgk perut zatil kat dlm pic tu, anon teka boy. (ecewah mcm terer je)

    1. Hahah you're too nice, patut tengok how I am nowadays, selebet je T.T
      Will reveal soon insyaAllah!


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