my best friend got married

And it was the most beautiful wedding I've ever witnessed.

Or maybe it's the hormones talking.

I couldn't go to her nikah (still regretting it - nikah is supposed to be the most important event of all!) because I needed to see my gynae, so I made sure we made it to her reception.

She is one of my oldest friend - Syena, her and I have been together for years since high school when we used to go to tuitions in Penang together, hanging out at Pacific (it was once one of the cool hangout places in Penang) and Prangin Mall and Gurney Drive, hopping on the bus and taxis to go to best makan-makan place in town. And each time Syena' brother or sister or Farah's would accompany us because their parents made sure we went out with the siblings' company - and not some other creepy guys.

Our parents know each other that they needed no further info every time our names came up. Syena told me once,

"I could use your name to go date with my boyfriend. Just tell them I'm going out with Atil and they'd let me out of the door"

Which she did, once, apparently. Haha.

Knowing Farah, I'm thankful that she found someone who'd treat her like how this guy does - she's been through so much that now, all I wanted to see was for her to be happy. And I know this guy would do the honor.

Almost teared up when she walked down the aisle.

The reception was held at Laman Kayangan, Shah Alam. It was my first time there; and was so amazed by the decor and everything - so beautifully done! The canopy, the white curtains (?), the lights; I would've made my wedding there if I knew.

The bride and groom.

Farah Whatsapp-ed us after the wedding and asked,

"Don't you think he was too good-looking? He's stealing my spotlight!"


Well, to be fair, they're BOTH good-looking - there, you can rest now, Farah.

It isn't just that her new husband is handsome - he's one of the kindest person too. He was smiling (brightly!) throughout the wedding, not showing the slightest tiresome on his face, and greeted everyone from the bride's side. I've seen some couples during the wedding too exhausted to even smile at their new families and friends they've just married into, and it wasn't a good sight.

(Hope I did the same during my wedding)

My handsome date.

The girls who came all the way from Penang for the wedding.

Us with the couple.

I forgot to bring my camera, albeit planning for the night the whole day -____-" So the pictures are all from my phone, sorry.

And baby bump is showing!

Never knew that it'd show up this early in pregnancy as I thought I'd start showing only at 5 months, so I started to freak out. Syena (the only one among us who has a kid, so she's the one I'd go to nowadays) told me not to worry and that certain people shows early; some doesn't.

Better stay away from empire cut, from now on. T.T

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