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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
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how we found out

I think by now you'd know I'm not much of a person with maternal instinct in her DNA.

So when I first found out I was pregnant, only God knows what was going through my mind.

Firstly, I was shocked, of course. When people asked about our baby planning when we first got married, I would say I'd rather spend the first year honeymoon-ing with the husband (albeit having been together for 8 years LOL) until we're ready to conceive and have a baby. Maybe 1, 2 years down the road..

His answer, on the other hand,

"As soon as possible, of course!"

And I would siku him telling him to behave. Haha.

But in all seriousness, I always knew he'd say that. My husband, he's already a father - you should've seen his relationship with all his nieces and nephew; and it is one of the things that made me cair in the first place because he's so different from me. He's patient, can tolerate silly things kids do and even the kids love him. The only kids I can stand are my niece and nephew, and even them can drive me to the walls.

So one fateful day, after 5 days missing my period, my husband made a comment about me. It's been a few days that my body temperature had been exceptionally high and he kept asking me if I have a fever, which I don't. I'm very sensitive to any changes to my body, and I knew there's something wrong with my body but couldn't figure out what it is. Then he said,

"Hmm I think you're pregnant"

Completely out of the blue. I didn't register at first when I heard it, so I just dismissed it assuming he was kidding.

The next day, I Googled about my body changes symptoms. There it was, the first search result : pregnancy signs.

In the next few hours, I had a pregnancy stick test in my hands, showing me the clear parallel sign indicating positive result inside my office toilet.

Went home earlier that day, waited for the husband to come home, salam-ed him at the door with an anxious face. I followed him to the bedroom, in my head thinking how on earth do I tell him this when he asked,

"What's wrong? Why are you following me?"

Reached out the pregnancy test in my handbag and showed it to him.

His expression was priceless; he was shocked, smiling, disbelief all rolled into one. Then he hugged me and asked me to sit down -_____-"

I was nervous, as I knew how fast things are changing (and going to change. We haven't even received our wedding album yet) and wondering if I'm ready for it yet but when I saw his face, I realized how lucky I am. He's so ready for this and if anything, at least I have a husband by my side who would take care of me better than anyone else.

Then after a few minutes he said to himself, smirking,

"Good job, dude"

...while patting himself in the back. -_____-"

I should just feel lucky, really.


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