the extra 10

I'm seriously not a kid person.

So when I got married and got an extra 10 nieces and nephews by default from Shahrul's side, I got very scared.

Still, I think I'm lucky that he's a farr more kid person compared to me (his nieces and nephews actually call his name around the house and ask him to bring them around every single day and hang off his body almost all the time, I kid you not) but at the same time I'm really lucky too because he never force me to do anything similar.

Because whenever the kids are around me, usually all they'd be getting is silent treatment.

"Haii Mak Zatil!"
Awkward stare. Actually they call me Maksu Zatil, but one of them got confused and ended up calling me Mak Zatil.
"Maksu, kenapa nama Maksu Zatil?"
Awkward smile.
"Maksu, kenapa Maksu kahwin dengan Paksu?"  
Smile again.
"Maksu, jom lah main dekat luar"
Smile some more.

I thought it was just too rude to just smile, but I'm really really clueless on how to interact with kids. So after observing how Shahrul handled the kids (after a few days), I started to loosen up a bit.

Approached one of his nieces, who's around 3-years old.
"Hai Amni! Amni tengah buat apa tu?"
"Amni tengah buat ini lahhh *showed me what she's doing, which is clipping some small cloth on a railing, which I'm not sure for what purpose* 
"Amni buat apa tuuu"

I should just give up, shouldn't I?

But some of his nieces who are older, I find them more approachable. The eldest one is by far the friendliest; always looking out for me whenever the little ones are pulling down my top or poking me around for fun.

Last few days, we went to his brother's house to pick up the rest of his stuff. While I helped Shahrul packing the stuff, his nieces were around assisting us and entertaining us with their stories.

Now that I've loosen up a bit, I kind of get why people want to get more kids. They're so bubbly, for a start; and sometimes when you listen to their stories - they aren't so bad! Of course there would be tantrums and fights, but after a few minutes they would somehow make up and return to their normal self again.

Before we went home, the kids gave us our "new home present".

Got home and opened the gift - it was a bright pink frying pan (stainless steel!) with this note,

Totally made my day.

Ooh did I mention he has 10 nieces and nephews?



  1. Hi Zatil.

    haha you are funny ok! Keep on blogging!!

    1. Hi Mrs Critical Thinking,

      Haha usually I TRY to be funny because I'm not, in general XD But thank youu!



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