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bain de terre

So I've migrated.

My Kerastase shampoo was out so I paid HairDepot a visit - a place I knew was selling Kerastase products.

Turned out they've stopped stocking the brand, so I was left browsing around the store. The salesgirl approached me and asked what I was looking for. She was friendly, so I told her everything about the products I've used which later came to a conclusion that I now only liked Kerastase's shampoo color-treated hair range (the one in pink bottle) while all other range did not really suit my hair.

Since I made it in my new year resolution that I'd no longer color my hair, I needed to find a shampoo which would treat my post-colored hair, instead of a range that would continuously treat my hair as "colored". So it's kind of in between range - one that is served for pre- and one for post-colored, if that made any sense.

Also, my hair gets oily so fast that a shower would last me at least a and a half day before the hair gets dull again (also because of the scarf - common hijabi problem) so I need a shampoo that will give strength to my already fine hair. Now that I'm married, I find it necessary for my hair to look OK-ish all the time for the sole audience at home and it's now double pressure to maintain my hair all the time. You single ladies should appreciate your single hood while you still can seriously!

Explained this all to her, and she suggested this strange brand I've never heard of before.

Tried this for 2 weeks now, and I've never loved smelling my hair this much. It's in between chocolate and coconut smell; I can't decide.

It's from Bain de Terre's nourishing shampoo line, which contains macadamia oil, argan and mono oil. Googled these two;

"It’s chockfull of essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that promote your overall health by moisturizing, softening as well as protecting your face and hair from sun damage – without harmful toxins and Parabens"

In the website, the shampoo is also promoted as paraben-free, which means it doesn't contain the paraben preservatives commonly found in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

But for me, the reason I love this shampoo is because of the macadamia oil. The smell is so heavenly that even the husband noticed!

And I think, the shampoo adds more shine to my post-colored hair (even though I'd like for it to fade away asap) because he said,

"I thought you colored your hair years ago? It should be fading away by now right?"

..all the while staring at my head, probably wondering if he's seeing things. Or if this wife of his broke the new year resolution and paid the salon a visit when he's not looking. (Which she didn't)

With my previous shampoo, he didn't really noticed it (plus it HAS been a year since I last color) so I guess the shampoo has something to do with it.

Ooh, buying the shampoo and conditioner gets me a free product - a hair mask by Bain de Terre.

It says scalp refreshing, and I've never felt more refreshed. My scalp was left feeling all mint-y all day long like spilling a mint liquid all over my head and it kind of gives me the post-spa vibe. Which means I'm not switching to any other hair mask, really. Awesome.

The salesgirl told me most of her customers have migrated to this shampoo ("Kerastase is so expensive leh!"), and I have, too.


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