Getting organized

It was my first weekend alone at home without Shahrul, so I felt a bit lost. The house suddenly feels even emptier; I swear it feels like the first time we moved in - only creepier.

So what did I do? Spring-cleaning and wardrobe organizing!

 Organized the bags neatly in the cabinet, except for these. Left them on top of it because I like the sight of these pastels and also to remind me to use them soon.

 Took out the Instax and copies like these from the box.

 Finally bought a bangle holder to keep them in order. 

Tried to color-organized my stuff for the first time, but no one told me it's a difficult task to do. Failed because I just realized I own too many whites and literally no other colors except blue, brown, pink and green. And a yellow.

Remind me to buy more colors.

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