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Bali #2 : the roti canai dinner.

After settling down and unpacking the stuff, we went out that night to look for halal restaurants.

Which was not an easy task, surprisingly - almost all cafes there are non-halal and there are wine and alcohol and pork served everywhere with drunk tourists that we didn't dare to even go in! I think there were more mat salehs there than any other place I've been to.

We passed a lot of nice restaurants and fashionable cafes, until we found a cafe that served roti canai and gelato as their specialty. It sounds so weird that I decided to try - it's halal some more!

It's a nice and simple cafe with nice decor, which I love. A lot of cafes here are designed with creative and amazing decor that sometimes I felt like sitting for hours just to enjoy the atmosphere.

After the roti canai dinner, we walked around Seminyak some more. I didn't mind, though - walking along the roads of Seminyak was entertaining for me. The roads were ten times smaller than in Malaysia, even Japan and one thing about Seminyak is, the place is full of high-end boutiques along the roads.

LOL. Ketut is a name in Balinese (our driver or supir told us that the next day)

Shopping in Bali is tricky though; you'd end up paying a few times more expensive that it is anywhere else because they can see that you're tourists. So one of the tips our supir told us is to always negotiate until you get the lowest price - but often if you've already negotiated so much, the seller would expect you to buy the items. Which in the case that you backed out, they will not take it nicely.

Seeing the stores, I realized one thing.

"You purposely chose Seminyak area because of the stores, didn't you?"
"Yeah I know you too well. How else are you going to enjoy the honeymoon without shopping?"


Such a thoughtful husband I have.


  1. 1. Tengok pic roti canai dikala sedang bepuasa. BIG mistake!

    2. Ok soalan ni maybe sounds dumb tapi nak tanya juga. Bali in Indonesia kan? So matawang is rupiah. Adakah barang2/makanan kat sana mahal, if convert ke duit malaysia?

    3. Ketut. LMAO!!!

    4) Zatil, honest tulis nih. Nampak glowing lepas kahwin. Erm before kahwin pon dah glowing sebenarnya, so glower?? (lol me stupido inggelish )

    1. 1. Haha I'm sorryy!

      2. Yup, in rupiah :) Ikut tempat jugak actually. Because they can see we're outsiders, the marked up price is very high. So kena pandai bargain and jangan tertipu. It should NOT be more expensive than Malaysia, I think. I bought a pair of shorts for RM30, esok tu tengok ada kedai jual RM10 je T.T

      3. HAHA

      4. Kudos to the new skincare kot haha! Will blog about it :) But thank youu!

  2. Agree. Zatil pakai apa ye? Glowing sangat!

    1. Sebulan before kahwin, ada tukar skincare. Sebab tu kot haha XD Will blog about it!

  3. Looks like a great place for visiter Bali. i want to visit this place and meet there people, student and Bali Driver. Thanks Zatil.


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