split personality

The kakak dobi I've been sending my laundry to has been calling me this ever since day one I sent my laundry; but today I just realized she really meant it haha.

Makes me realized why she hasn't asked for my name, all these while.

I do think I have split personality sometimes; cause recently at work I've been receiving this from the colleagues.

"You remind me of our boss"

And who would take this as a compliment? Me. Our boss is one of the stereotype scary-iron-lady at our office - she's the boss everyone is scared of. Even the men. She has this air about her where everyone would shiver at the thought of her coming to our office for a meeting, or when she calls someone "please come and see me at my office", or when we have to go ask for her approval for something.

And as if it wasn't enough, she's dubbed the "fashionable one" (among the managers) because of her scarves-styling.

Now I don't know which trait reminded the colleagues of her, but I sure as hell don't have her charisma. Still such a longggg way to go! So I'm guessing they're categorizing the girls with scarves as "fashionable" in contrast to the girls with tudung bawal just because it's rare (at least in my office), hence why they think I resembled her, if that made sense.

One of the colleagues didn't think so. She said because sometimes, I like to voice my opinion especially when I don't agree with something even with the male colleagues. And that's why it's scary, she said, because there aren't many girls in my department would do that.

That's when I think, I might really have a split personality. Me, speaking up among the overpowered colleagues? Seriously no.

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