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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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So it's quite obvious work has taken over my life lately; that I had quite a few number of meltdowns on my own, without I'm even realizing it.

Let's zoom in to this one event, a few days ago.

We were at the town hall event at KLCC, proudly showcasing our project to the potential stakeholders whose money we're going to buy in. It was a busy, busy day - I was practically running around in heels with a laptop on one hand and a bag on the other - going to Tower 1 to settle some legal issues, Tower 3 to open my laptop and reply some emails, and back to KL Convention Centre again to our booth.

Feet was killing me that I could cry any second.

Then it was the presentation time. Most of it was taken over by the bosses, so I thought I'd let them have their moment and space, and walked around to see the other booths. I was in charge of the poster so once it's done, hung and ready; I felt more comfortable to get around and mingle with people.

Which is basically a terrible idea since my feet was hurting already. But oh well, couldn't hurt to walk around for a few minutes, I thought.

And then when the showcase was over, my boss called us to gather and said,

"So the boss wants us to bring all these stuff back to our office to showcase again tomorrow"

I almost fainted.

So swiftly we started packing all the stuff at our booth; the prototype model, the poster, all. At this point, it started raining and I got worried since I've promised le fiancé that I'd drop by his office to have dinner together.

Still, my colleagues were all determined to have all the stuff ready packed to load into the car by that evening, so there we were, boxing all the stuff at one go and me covered in cello tapes and everything.

When it's finally done, we said goodbye and I ran off to the parking at Isetan to my car trying to make it in time for dinner. And then a text came from the boss, saying,

"Thank you for the hard work today guys! Highest order of compliment goes to X, Zatil, Y and Z for your help. This is what we call core values"

I didn't know why but I just started crying in the car. It felt really good to be appreciated when you least expected it - I would have thought that it's part of my job and responsibility; but being recognized for it is different.

Felt as though a giant load lifted off my shoulder. Thank you, Boss!


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