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I love watching old interviews.

Even if it's cheesy, I think a lot of people can relate to how a normal couple they are and that a lot of things people can learn from them, in terms of relationship. I find that amazing.

"I knew as soon as I met him, I mean, one of the most attractive things I found in David is that he shares same sort of family values with me. He was sitting there with his family and I really liked that. He's a very kind person. We're really good friends, on top of everything"

"As much as you can trust someone, and that someone can say 'honestly I haven't done this, I don't know this person' - as much as you want to believe that person, they do put that element of doubt in your mind, you know. People can say anything they want about me, but David is the one person, and Brooklyn, that is mine. People can't touch. So when somebody tries to cause problems in that area, that's how it gets me." 

Sure we don't know where they'll be years from now, but the good things they have going on now - the kids, the family, the marriage - nothing short of inspiring. And I find that amazing.

I think apart from 9GAG posts, Youtube is where I learn a lot about relationships.

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