new toy

One of the perks having him back for good? Passed-down stuff from Japan.

He brought back his (new) guitar since he's not using it anymore, and gave it to me after we made a deal.

Yes, he won't even give it to me for free. Sheesh.

It's been years since I last changed the strings of my guitar, so I was excited when I got this shiny new one. Now my old guitar is safely kept in the store but I just don't have the heart to sell it off; holds so many memories back in Japan I'd like to keep. (obviously this guitar means nothing to him..)

Finally got time to use it. Huge difference compared to my poor old guitar, so yay.


  1. play la smthg for pembaca/kipas-susah-mati blog zatil.

    1. Yg dah post pun rasa nak delete haha :/ Amateur sgt!



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