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the Caffeine app

So I've been using Mac for the past few months (yes, am still a noob) and among the very few apps I've installed, for now I know to whom I'm going to send my hugs and kisses to.

Whoever invented this app called Caffeine.

As ridiculous as it sounds, I've been cracking my brain to figure out how to leave my laptop on without it turning into its sleep mode where you have to log in again to use it. Yes, you can also adjust how long before you want your Mac to go into sleep mode, but they don't have the 'forever' option on the list.

I seriously hate logging in again and again, especially when I just go out of my room to check on something in the kitchen, and when I come back to the room again, my Mac would lock itself up (sleep mode). And I have to log in again, which is something I have to do about a gazillion times a day when I go to the toilet, or to the bathroom, or to the kitchen, etc. I love leaving my laptop on usually playing the series I'm currently watching - Friends, Gilmore Girls, The Vampire Diaries, etc - and just doing my stuff even though it means I'm not watching it! Yes, I'm more of a laptop girl rather than TV.

Don't even know what's hot on the TV now.

So when I discovered the Caffeine app, it's been my lifesaver. You can turn it on/off easily and it won't even mess up your system!

There, my first review on apps for Mac. And yes, this is a totally pointless post if you're not interested in Mac or if you're not as anal as I am.


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