he's a keeper

Was having a random relationship conversation with my friend. (He's a guy)

"Most people I know, get married to their second best love"

I almost go WTF with my other friend (she's a girl), but we decided to just let him rolling.

"It's just how it is..even in movies"

I was surprised not just because of the statement, but because I've heard it before. And I remember it so well.

Wouldn't let the subject pass, I decided to let him know my 10 cents.

"Well girls just don't have a second love"

And a brief conversation I had with a friend (he's a guy) who has just broken up with his almost 3 years (I think) girlfriend.

"It's simple, because we were in a long distance relationship and she couldn't take it anymore"

"Why does it always about a girl can't be in a LDR? I've survived quite fine"

"That's because he's treating you like a princess"

Quickly Print-screen the chat and sent to him. Needless to say, he was a smug after that.


  1. Smug is an adjective. Correction: "he was smug"

    1. I wanted to use "he was smug after that" but that somehow sounds..weird. Haha. Can I use "he has his smug face on after that"? That sounds less weird..

      Anyhow thanks Anon!


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