activities this weekend.

So this weekend is the first weekend we have without any public holidays on Friday/Monday that permits us the 3-day weekend bonanza in May. Did you guys even realize?!

First was election day (which Selangor benefits a day off MUAHAHA in your face KL!), then Wesak, then Gawai I think..not so sure of what festival it is but surely it's celebrated in Sabah and Sarawak cause my housemates took 2-week off because of that holiday, while I was left alone at home.

So what did I do? Dragged my friend to Jakel Shah Alam for the first time.

I swear, now I know why girls go bonkers once they're inside the store. Crazy awesome stuff, let me tell you - and I'm not even the sort of girl who goes crazy over fabrics. Mum would usually do the honor of picking out my Raya outfit every Raya till they left me alone in boarding school in KL and I had to figure out what chiffon is on my own - but I never really the type who'd pay fabrics store a visit unless I was forced to.

But Jakel is way big for a girl to be left alone.

And lesson number one, don't fall for things/advice by the salesgirls easily. I had to be very, very firm with my hands because everything that the salesgirl threw to me was so pretty - chiffon, crepe silk, french lace - I wanted to grab everything and just go home (my bank account won't allow, too..).

Lesson number two, always have a good, sensible girlfriend to accompany you so that you won't make silly judgement like "I want this lace color to match my fabric even if it'd just drown my whole outfit" lol.

And post-fabric hunting activity? Watched this really cheesy Korean drama back-to-back.

Was fasting today (Ramadan's cominggg yay), so I basically spent my Sunday wrapped in blanket in front of my laptop watching this handsome guy falling in love with a princess. Don't know why I've never watch this drama before it's freaking awesome I swear; and not just because of the McDreamy hero.

And do you know how awesome it is not having to berbuka in the car stuck in traffic jam at Jalan Tun Razak? Should really fast during weekend more.


  1. What's the title of that Kdrama if you don't mind me asking. :)



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