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Guess what lil bro decided to give loan me?

Mum bought him the PS Vita when we were in Japan last March, and since the price comparison between Malaysia and Japan for PS Vita is so big (it's almost 1000+ bucks here, and in Japan? Less than 20,000 yen. You do the math!) she decided to buy it for lil bro as a "present" because he's been getting good results in uni.

You see? The generation gap pfftt. 

So lil bro is finishing his semester break soon, and he refused to bring back the PS Vita to his campus (so paranoid someone might stole it) so he negotiated a deal with me -

"You bring this thing back to KL, and keep it safely, and you get to play the games till you come back home"
"What's the money in it for me? I don't even like games. I don't even play"
"I can teach you"

Someone has GOT to teach him how to So thinking I'd do him a favor, and since it doesn't cost me anything, I agreed.

It's quite funny, really because seriously I don't even play games! iPhone games are an exception; and the only game I've ever installed in my PC was Bejeweled and nothing else. So it's a given that I don't really pay much attention to this fella ever since I brought it back to KL, I'm pretty sure it misses its owner already.

But so far the games in it is pretty awesome (played for like, 2 hours). Though he claimed he could finish all the stages in just a month; and I give up after 3 days. Baby steps, Atil.


  1. Nasib baik ak baca post ko y ni, jenuh ak pk game bejeweled tu! Aku da install 2jenis "jewel" game sbb smpai sudah xengat bejeweled. Tq makcik! Haha


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