#followmeto photos.

Got the inspiration from who else, the MuradOsmann guy himself. (in case you've been living under the rock this year)

In creative photography scene, he is da' bomb, thanks to Instagram.

(and can you see how HOT HIS GF IS?!)

Nevertheless, just wanted to see how the pictures would turn out using my ordinary iPhone 4S.

Tokyo Disneyland.

 Tokyo Disneyland #2.

 Kamata road, our last night stroll in Japan.

 Kamata road #2, outside the creepy nightclubs we didn't realize were there.

 Haneda airport before our flight back to Malaysia.

Safe to say that our attempts failed because we don't have a SLR and Photoshop. And because I kept wearing the same leather jacket pfftt.

Regardless, taking those photos was fun. And him willing to take those photos with me eventhough it was embarrassing was kind of fun, too.

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