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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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the thing about Japanese food that I've been having them for those 4 years in Japan, and I really don't get all the hype about it.

And you know what I found out? It's because I had them so regularly (daily basis, couldn't get away from the uni's cafeteria) that I was so tired of the smell and taste.

Because when I had them during the last trip, the taste magically became so good to me I couldn't even resist!

 At one of the restaurants, first night in Tokyo.

 We had sushi, fresh and roasted seafood, juiciest salmon. Nothing raw still :)

We had the options for the seafood to be fried, steamed or raw. And had the chefs preparing them in front of us!

Maguro (tuna fish) which tasted like fried chicken.

But the highlight of the trip was, we found Beard Papa at Kamata Station!

If you're a fan of shu cream, you'd love those things at Beard Papa's. Back in AAJ, he used to bring me those shu creams from Mid Valley's Beard Papa and that quickly became our staple food we'd eat whenever we go on a date (ah the young days..).

If there's a saying "the way to get to a girl's heart is through her tummy" then it'd be true, in my case. Lol.

Our udon at Tokyo Disneyland. I'm definitely not a fan..but love my Mickey-shaped carrot!

 Takoyaki and okonomiyaki we made ourselves.

And unagi! God, this is by far my most favorite thing in the world. As long as no one shoves eel swimming in an aquarium at my face.

The verdict : Still not a fan of anything raw, thank you very much. Which is why we didn't have sashimi during the trip.


  1. why oh why la aku baca post ni time tgh lapar. erghhh.
    muka mak zatil cam terpaksa je makan sushi tu. hahaha. anyway, she's so cute!

    1. HAHA dia yg order all the food! hehe. but yeah nasib baik dia takde hal mkn japanese food :)


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