the thing about his car.

So I was having a conversation with him, regarding his car. He's planning to add "some accessories" to his car i.e. changing the normal seats to leather seats and adding the sport rim, and he's planning to do it while he's still in Japan since he bought his car there - he's even surveyed the place and price and all. According to him, the price would differ in Malaysia (albeit slightly, maybe) and let's face it, everything automotive in Japan is much better than Malaysia's.

"I don't get why guys do this all the time. It's not even a necessary thing to do pun!"

"These things, to guys, are like Chanel bags to girls. It gives you that accomplished feeling and thrills"

"But you are planning to get yours. But Chanel bags, to me, is like a never-ending dream you knew you'd wait for such a long time to get because it is THAT valuable and not something you can get off the market or store!"

By that time, I was already in tears. How dare he, bringing up my Chanel. Pfft.

 His car's first scratch. He went crazy looking up on the internet how to remove the scratch, when after a wash, the scratch was barely even noticeable. Lol.

But it got me thinking - I definitely made goals (ever since I was second year in uni) to get a certain bags by the time I was at a certain age, and I admit that they're pretty huge goals. Seeing him so close to getting his made me realize, I need to put some work into action.

If they're worth it.

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