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a new year.

So it's 2013 :) Happy new year everyone!

Today was exceptionally different in terms of celebration, because this time last year, I had just started working at a new place in Bangi - all clueless and scared and confused and happy and nervous. Had just moved to a new place, new office, made some new friends, learned new things, down with new routine.

After a year, it was a great year. At least managed to stuck out here for that long! (I don't really have a good track record of keeping a job long enough lol)

As for the new year ahead, I feel different. I realized I've been doing new year resolutions ever since I started blogging (reading back what I wrote back in 2009, 2010, can be such a drama queen. Sorry for that.) but I never really been so serious about it. I mean, everyone's doing it and people said do some that you actually BELIEVE you can reach.

After a few days of thinking (it IS the third day of the new year), I've decided that for 2013, I hope I would have the courage to cover my aurat better, and not be in between anymore. I've thought about it long enough before but I just didn't think I have the courage to do it; but now, the desire to achieve that one goal is becoming stronger and clearer to me. I've always been in between; not wanting to let some stuff go and not wanting to lose myself completely - but I realized, I have no one to impress but Him, and I have a long way to go where I can learn to be better.

Ever since I've thought about it, I've been at peace for some reason. Which I take as a good sign.

But don't expect miracles though, honestly I'm still figuring out how to decide on which tops to let go and which to keep. I want to get rid of all things tight or sheer or short, especially the scarves, but I have no clue at what length should I go. I mean, do I start with my scarf length or my scarf sheer-ness or my top's shape or my top's sleeves or what?!

Baby steps. So please, be nice! I'm trying my best okay? Hehe.

Anyway. Another one resolution was to keep up with long-lost friends, and I believe I'm one step ahead already in this department!

  Met up with some old friends I haven't seen for ages, and it felt nice.

And the third one is the one I've been trying to accomplish since 2009 - to blog more.

I swear I'm trying, but these days it's just hard to share some things I'd rather keep private, so until I'm completely comfortable with everything, please bear with me ok? I swear I still love blogging, and after re-reading my old posts from 2009/2010, I knew I just couldn't give this up. Not in this lifetime, ever. It has been an exceptionally special experience (am feeling slightly emotional now) and I've learned a lot through these past years that this space mean everything to me. Reading back how disastrous and equally awesome my uni days were, the places I've explored, friends and people I've had the chance to know, the deep feelings I've shared albeit casually, all means everything to me.

I can't be more thankful for all that I've put here up until last year. 
Let's make 2013 an equally good one, if not better, shall we.


  1. Suka entri ni.. :) happy new year..

  2. atil!happy new year!rindu gambar no 1 dan 2.bukan no3 haha have a blast years ahead insya ALLAH.

    p/s:start form asking Allah to guide which one to start first^^

    1. Happy new year Sap!! Lama tak jumpaa. Kau dekat nihon kan? Bila nak balik? Boleh jumpa :))

      Have a blast year ahead too!

      p/s : thank youu Sap, insyaAllah :))

  3. atill! ekin kah itu? omg rindu gila kat dia.kem salam dia kalau jumpa lagi ye.

    1. Izzat, yup tulah ramai lama tak jumpa dia kan. but she still remembers you guys :) ok insyaAllah will do!


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