new lunch spot in Bangi.

Yesterday colleagues took me out for lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Bangi.

Which made me realize how really sweet they are. Ever since I came back to Bangi office, everyone's been showing their love - saying how much they miss me and how their lunch sessions are incomplete without me.

Even bought me my office supply of Nescafe 3 in 1, which I cannot live without.

So I've been telling them how much I miss Japanese food while I was in Amsterdam. Crazy, I KNOW. I've never been the type who love sushi and sashimi even when I was in Japan; raw food repulses me. But all I could think of when I was munching croissants and cheese and bread in the freezing European weather was takoyaki and fried ebi sushi.

So they gave in and took me to Miyagi restaurant for lunch!

   The usual crowd during lunch

But if you were to go there during lunch, brace yourself for a crowd. We had to wait a few minutes to get empty seats while they moved people around; in a good manner regardless. Which I find so Japanese.

Colleagues said there was one waitress who could speak Japanese but didn't get to see her. Stalker much hahaha!

What I had : chicken teriyaki set with rice and miso soup, RM25 (approximate) and some ebi sushi. They didn't have takoyaki, sadly.

Colleague : what do you want to order?
Me : anything other than fish or ebi or salmon or seafood. Been eating that for 4 years in Japan, Imma eat chicken and meat now!

Verdict : not so bad, the portion is proportional to the price. Shall continue my pursue for takoyaki now.

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