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Amsterdam #4 : the last one.

It took me two weeks to finally get around and do this post.

Truth is, I still miss the place eventhough I'm so glad to be back. I mean, it was my home in those disastrous challenging 3 months - it's seen me cry, wail, bang my head against the wall, cry again, laugh, smile, live - it's seen me exploring Europe by myself for the first time without the loved ones around.

Of course I'd be sentimental.

But I'm so grateful I get to visit Amsterdam city for the last time before going home for good; though I was going there to get souvenirs originally, ended up taking the canal cruise around the city for the first time because the weather wasn't so gloomy!


 Prestigious chinese restaurant on the right, a part of the city on the left.

The glare on the picture actually comes from the window glass of the boat, what do you expect.


 You can actually see the window panels from the big ass glare goddamnit. But the purpose of this picture is, I want a house boat too :(

In Amsterdam, apparently it is a norm for the people to have a house boat as the canals are practically almost in every inch of the city. They're not exactly moving boats as they're designed to be fixed at a place where the house owner would stay; and the government limits the number of boats allowed to the citizens.

 One of the most breathtaking view I've seen.

 Just a random swan hanging around the neighborhood.

 A random picture of yours truly, freezing on the boat.


 Passed by Anne Frank House, you can see the lines of people queuing to get inside.

 I hate the glare, again. But see the awesome house boats!

 I hate the glare part #2.


 After the cruise, went walking around the city and there was a parade. Stopped by to take some pictures and videos. Everyone went crazy on a rare sunny day in Amsterdam, apparently.

 It's a celebration of Zwarte Piet. (same like before in Roermond) They regarded him like Santa Claus!

 Miss this city already.

So there, the last post on the beautiful city I've missed. I might go there again someday, but I will always remember that 3 months I was there in 2012.


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