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the rocco bag.

So I went to De Bijenkorf during the last time I went to Amsterdam.

I've been hearing about the high-end European department store since the first day I reached here; so I've been looking forward to find out how it's different from Japan's Takashimaya. There's one De Bijenkorf in The Hague too but it was a disappointment for me - went looking for flats there last month, and there's one Marc by Marc Jacobs flats I had my eyes on but when the salesgirl came with my size, my heart dropped. IT WAS FREAKING BIG my small feet couldn't fit :( and it was in my size, for God's sake.

Then I knew, getting shoes here is not sensible for a petite size like me. Everything's bigger and I've been dreading the European brands and thanking God for H&Ms and MNGs and Zaras.

But De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam is way better than The Hague's - because they had the bag I've been secretly wanting since before I came here.

   Alexander Wang Rocco bag.

This is why I should never registered at Purseblog Forum.

Picture from

I was never a fan of LV Speedy bag; and it surprised me that I'd even take a look at this bag's direction since the size and shape are so similar to the iconic LV, but after seeing so many pictures of this bag on Purseblog forum - I fell in love. The leather, the studs, the simplicity, the edgyness. (Initially comes in black, mercury (white) and layenne (red/orange) color; but I think they have more colors now.)

However considering how difficult it is to get Alexander Wang in KL (anyone knows where to find one?) and due to my own lack of time and effort to find one, I gave up. 

Until I saw this bag at De Bijenkorf.

Asked the salesgirl to get the lock out, looked for the nearest mirror available, tried the bag on my arms. The leather is luscious (much thicker than Balenciaga City's), the studs are amazing - but dude, it was the heaviest bag I've ever tried on. So heavy that I thought the stuffings were the culprit so I asked the salesgirl to take them all out - still heavy. I can't imagine toting this bag around all day on my shoulder, let alone on my arms!

So with an equally heavy heart, I returned the bag to the salesgirl. Instantly relieved that I didn't order the bag online - I would have to return the bag if I ever bought it. 

But really, I still think this bag is high up there on my favorite list; but I need to grow a new muscle or something to carry the bag. How the Olsen twins managed to carry the bag with their petite size is beyond me.

But Purseblog did buy one and returned it because of the very same reason as mine - so I must've done the right thing. 


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