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Amsterdam #3.

Last weekend, I took the liberty of going out by myself and exploring the city a bit.

Since last visit covered most of the places and museums, I decided to just based on my map and see how far my feet can take. Walked along the streets and canals all the way from the central station!

And guess where my feet took me. The mall.

 De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. It's Amsterdam's version Mitsukoshi or Takashimaya in Japan. Except that the brands they carry are much, much better than Takashimaya, I swear.
Will blog about that later.

And across the street, there's the Madame Tussauds! Where I made some friends.

 Princess Diana! Her wax figure is soo tall I refused to take picture with her. But so beautiful.

 George Clooney.

 Nicolas Cage.
I just realized 90% of the people here are really not from my generation.

 This is not my favorite couple, and I'm not thrilled that I have to see them here.

 One from my generation, and it's Lady Gaga. Now I realized everything that's wrong in today's system.

 Rob Pattinson. This aunty is a die-hard fan of his; she took pictures with him for almost 20 minutes I'm not kidding.

 The process.

 Oh hello there George Bush.

 In the world leaders section.

 I swear this Madonna freaked me out.

 My former crush.

 And..found my lover.

 T-shirts. Everytime I found these souvenir shops I'm really tempted to buy these shirts but I KNOW I won't be wearing them that often. My HRC shirts from Japan are still in my wardrobe, really.

Bought some souvenirs and proceeded to the Dam Square.

 The famous Grasshopper. Going straight is the Red Light District and I'm still a chicken to pay the famous district a visit, alone.

It's difficult to go anywhere in this city for so long nowadays cause it's been raining everyday and you know, carrying umbrella while sight-seeing is not fun. Since I'll be going back to Malaysia in 2 weeks, I know I'll be missing this city a lot so I'm trying to soak up everything that this city has to offer - but I still feel like there are so many places I haven't been to yet!

But really, this city is awesome. Still can't beat Paris, though.


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