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the thing with favorite foundation.

My skin has never been friendly with foundations.

Everything I used never seems to agree with it. I mean seriously, I've tried all ranges - light to dark, expensive to affordable, even borderline cheap - but everytime, I'd come to the same conclusion that nothing seems to ever "fit" my skin.

And last year, was the most horrible time ever. I had breakouts all the time (still do, but it seems to take its own sweet time to emerge - which gives me some time to prepare with masks and hydration cream and whatnots), pimple scars, sunburnt; which I blamed on Malaysian weather and hormones.

(Next time, if you're about to come back to Malaysia after spending quite half a decade in cold weather - be prepared with the best skin care. Speaking from experience here.) Hormones, well, it's every girl's best friend.

So one of the foundation that I've tried was Chanel's Pro Lumiere. It was an impulse purchase, I must say; I didn't do any Googling on it and just put my trust on the pretty flawless Japanese salesgirl. She recommended the foundation along with Chanel's White Essentiel, which I fell in love with. 

But for the foundation, I only used it for a few months and stopped cause 1) I wasn't used to wearing foundation - especially when going to classes 2) my skin looked much healthier without it. I believe in less makeup and letting your skin breathe is actually the best skin treatment.

But after some time in Malaysia, I realize you can't depend on weather to hydrate your skin (which is what I do when I was in Japan - summer excluded). So I started wearing moisturizer again, and went easy on mask.

And I started to fall in love with the long-abandoned Pro Lumiere again.

Makes me realize how much my skin has changed over this few years. Or maybe it's because of the weather factor, which is why some people use different range of foundation to suit the skin color and texture during winter and summer.

And, as if fate is playing a weird joke on me - I found out that Chanel has discontinued Pro Lumiere. (I think Mat Lumiere, too) They came up with a brand new foundation, Perfection Lumiere.

So far I've read mixed reviews about it, so I think I'm gonna wait for a while (check out Producrater's review here).

But if I could look half as good as these models from Chanel's Cruise Show Beauty 2012 wearing Perfection Lumiere Long-wear Flawless Fluid Makeup, I'd be very thankful.

(pictures courtesy of, blog)


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