chicken mushroom soup.

To think of it, it's really been a while since I last cooked.

I used to cook all the time during uni year; partly because sushi just doesn't suit my tastebud, partly because I just love to. But love doesn't necessarily mean rajin, unfortunately.

But I do enjoy cooking everytime I try to make something. It just feels like you've accomplished something - especially when you try a new dish, or you're making up an unknown dish no-one-would-eat.

It's true. Sometimes when I love a certain dish and revamp it here and there; my friends would find it taste strange. I'm really weird like that.

Like today, I made chicken mushroom soup; and the boyfriend went "what?? what kind of dish is that? what do you eat it with?"

Like hello, the recipe actually exists OK!

(recipe here, but moderated here and there)

So in conclusion, very very productive Saturday.

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