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Japan : Last Day

Since we had to take the flight back on Sunday, we had the Saturday off for sight-seeing! I was especially relieved though cause he couldn't come to Tokyo earlier (working) so he only came to see me in Tokyo on Saturday.

Cutting it pretty close there, but thank God we managed to make full use of the day off :)

We took my colleagues to Asakusa for some souvenir shopping. Asakusa is famous with its old temples and old city and I've never been there before; mann I can't believe I've only been to Kyoto for Japanese traditional city. It had always been Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Tokyo that I could remember Yamanote Line by heart. (a train line which stops at all the shopping places and famous towns around Tokyo. Take that line if you want a complete round of shopping in Tokyo district!)

Introducing him to my colleagues was weird. I felt so old -____-"

 There are lines of stores along the walk to the Asakusa temple, we had trouble picking out the souvenirs. AND lots of Hello Kitty stuffs too.

Him being all macho in front of my colleagues by holding their stuffs HAHA

 Stopped by at one of the many small stalls selling hot food - and we opted for takoyaki since it's the most famous one here and my colleagues haven't had any yet. Still can't beat the one I've had in Hiroshima, though.

 The team!

 We saw a lot Japanese taking the water from this fountain and wiping the water on their face and hands, but we couldn't figure out why. Let's rephrase that - I couldn't be bothered to ask, cause it was freezing cold! And this is a shot of him pretending to fill the water into the bottle, to see if anyone noticed and tegur him. But apparently they couldn't be bothered, too.

A lot of people told me that I'm lucky to be able to experience going business trip overseas, because I can learn a lot from the meetings during the trip. Truth is, I felt so unprepared; I was thinking of so many things I should've studied first before I attend those meetings cause this is an amanah from the company and so much is expected and I was so worried that I won't do well.

I wish there's a manual on how to perform well during the meetings especially when done in our company partner's place; it's crucial for the company image and our projects, too. Ah I just wish I could learn everything and NOT take forever to understand.

And that concludes the Japan post :) I miss you already.


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