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Japan : Day 5

We had our final meeting in Tokyo where their main headquarter office is, so we get to get out of Chiba town for a while.

I don't know what else to say besides great meeting, had my jaw dropped when I was introduced to the CEO of Mitsui NGH (who btw graduated from Hiroshima University too..too awesomeeee), lunch on the rooftop of a building in Ginza (the place where usually only celebrities would shop), had an awesome view of Tokyo, dropped by Shibuya for the hundredth time.

 Tokyo, from Sky Restaurant Ginza

 I especially love this view the most. It's quite amazing that the left side of me (the upper picture) is a super compact Tokyo with super tall buildings and towers and whatnots, while on my right side (this picture) shows clean rivers, a bridge connecting Odaiba, and some trees. Amazing.

 Us being excited on the rooftop

 Some fresh squid dish, I had to goggle this down my throat so I won't taste the raw smell. But it was so good I swear!

 Some veggie dish to be eaten with bread. Them Japanese obviously don't know me too well

 Hands down, the most delicious fish. EVER.


The CEO of Mitsui NGH. Freaking awesome day.

 And we dropped by Porsche showroom, because one of my colleagues is super obsessed with cars. He insisted that we went inside so practically this is the first time I touched a Porsche in a Porsche showroom. Gasp.

So apparently a Porsche in Japan cost about half a price of a Porsche in Malaysia. Did you know that?!! Malaysia is so expensive, I wish I could move here. Thank God I don't really want to own a Porsche at 25.

 So guys, jealous yet? HAHA.

 Ginza district

 Did you see the line?? It was the first day Japan's largest Uniqlo store open, so people were queuing to get inside. It's a 7-storey store. I wish Zara got one like this..

 And we also went into Nissan showroom. By this time, I was already yawning and yapping away and taking nonsense photos of cars thinking of the Zara store we just passed.

But I actually like this Juke. It has a weird shape but sporty but my purse would just laugh at me for thinking of wanting it.

 In front of the place Japanese usually go for prayer. A church, I think.

Some random Japanese chick I stole a picture of, because I like her hair and the flower.


  1. i love your pictures! Cantikkkkk sgttttttt.

  2. Yeahh they're so nice! What camera you are using?

    1. Currently I'm using Canon Powershot S95. Been in love with it since the first day I got it! AND it's not a SLR, just a digicam :)


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