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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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it's someone's birthday

I think I should make it clear that this blog has two authors.

Him, and me.

And the previous post is by him. (Blogger should come up with different template of post for different authors; so that it'd be easier to distinguish each. Or maybe I should learn more about HTML stuff, which isn't likely to happen any soon)

Yes, it's his birthday tomorrow (5th March) and I was thinking of the perfect present for him when I thought of surprising him with a birthday delivery. I think we've passed the stage where I'd cut heart-shaped papers and write chessy things on them, I think, and since I've never surprised him flowers or bears or balloons or anything like that; I thought this would be the perfect time!

Preparation was however, a mess. I was so busy with work that I rarely had time to survey which website to use; a reliable, trusted, cheap and have a good variety of goodies to choose at the same time - for me, any reliable website would do. I had nightmares for dayss that the delivery won't reach him on time, or if the address I gave them was wrong, etc. We know fresh flowers aren't cheap; so I made up my mind on this website -!

(read previous post for more pictures)

 And this website is surprisingly good. They didn't kid when they say live assistance - see example of yours truly below when I harassed them on adding balloons to the flowers.

See? I'm really impressed. Just in case you need some proof.

I'm really no good with surprises, so today I had to keep myself from calling him every other hour to ask if the flowers arrived yet. -______-"

But at least I didn't ruin the surprise!! Hehe.

To you, Happy 25th Birthday :) Sorry if the flowers are too cheesy or if the bear is too small, I just wanted to do something different this year. You're a big boy now!

(Even though you said birthdays are not a big deal to you, I want you to remember this one. You'd better.)


  1. Do they ship to NZ too?

  2. Yup :) you can always ask them anything! Click on the 'live assistance' tab :)

  3. ok la tny every hour kak zatil! at least he's home for the surprise..xde la layu bunga tu...hoho

    1. haha tulah. penat arrange suruh die duduk rumah lol.


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