too bleary-eyed to write.

So, in summary, this is how I spent my weekend.

Went to bestfriend's big brother's wedding - who happened to be my sister's former classmate.

And a day out with the girls (with details coming soon) at the prettiest place in the whole world Penang :

 It's SQ-something..I can't remember :/ But I SWEAR the view is fantastic. As you can see.

 We honestly felt like we were by the Miami beach, or something.

So there. I never knew driving can take up so much of you; that after a while I just feel like chucking that new car and just go along with Mum's curfew. I mean, after a whole day of outing with good friends, going home with sore knees is never a good ending, is it? Or maybe since 90% of the population just couldn't be bothered with this whole driving routine, I should just suck it up too?

I don't get why people just can't settle with riding a bicycle. Or a bike. Seriously.


  1. dermalogica really works right. can see ur skin improving!

    *throws away clinique*

  2. I reallyy hope so. Hahah. We'll see after a few months :)


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