of facials & dermatologist.

So after a few chit-chat sessions with Dermatologist Mum and a few aunts, I decided to pay dermatologist a visit regarding my skin.

Mirrors aren't my bestfriends anymore, my brother is constantly commenting on his dear sister "flaw-not-so-less" (his word!) face, and plus everyone in the office is genuinely concerned - so I thought, this condition can't get any worse.

Someone suggested to go for Dermalogica products, and apparently Aster Spring did stock them and use them for facials, so I paid them a visit.

Fortunately I didn't have to drive too far to go the place, so I dragged Mum with me to keep me company. Poor her - I wanted to treat her for a facial too, but after seeing the price, she refused. "No, I don't want to do a facial that cost me as though I'm undergoing an operation." Truthfully, her skin is much better than mine - MUCH better than any teenager, I daresay - so I thought it won't give her any difference pun.

The staffs there are nice, thank God. Some say that they're pretty pushy - but for the new clients, I think they're still keeping the paws down, until the second appointment. Trust me. I chose the new client package worth RM348 which consists of 2 facials, a cleanser, a toner and a moisturiser. Get to choose from 3 kinds of facials - couldn't remember the name but the one I chose (and recommended by them) is aroma soothing facial; because apparently my skin is too dehydrated.

Then before the session starts, you get to discuss with them about your skin condition. They have this document on your skin - all about the details; your regular breakouts, skin condition, eating habit, sleeping habit. I got scolded for only taking 4 glasses of water a day and too much caffeine due to tea and coffee. I got scolded for "working too hard" - hello, Miss, tell that to my boss, thank you. Sniffs.

So yes, as you grow older, you lifestyle affects your skin a lot. I guess I just didn't realized that my skin is changing with the hormonal change when started working, and I no longer can go on with "bad" routine like I used to. What a big huge slap in the face.

I took a peek of my folder, and I saw they drew this in regard of my face :

I'M NOT KIDDING. They drew all those dots that represent the zits on my cheeks and forehead..*cries*

Thank God the facial was good. But it was my first time doing extraction - where they would squeeze your skin to get rid of whiteheads and blackheads - and it AIN'T PRETTY. It hurts a lot, it leaves your skin all red unnecessarily (seriously, you've already got all those zits scar on your face before you came, you don't need another set of weird red spots) and sometimes the red spots would cause you pain.

I screamed bloody murder.

My skin took a few days to heal, so the red spots were visible that some of the colleagues said I look like I had "something done" to my face haha. And I told them I got some injections, some even bought it!

But it was a good choice to go, some of the things I've learned :
  • If you consumed caffeine everyday, be sure to top up with clear water too. 1 cup of coffee = 3 glasses of clear water.
  • Dinner before 8 is the best for your skin. Can't find the connection there, though. 
  • Try to work less than 9 hours. Which is impossible for me, because I'm required to work 9.33 hours a day.
  • Always, always put on sunblock - the best way to take care of your skin.
  • Cucumbers are best to smoothen the scars.
  • Never, ever squeeze your pimples. (a habit of mine, sigh)
  • Poop at least once a day. My routine is always once every 2-3 days, so she said it's bad because you need to get rid of those toxic in your body.
  • Be prepared if you're about to experience weather change - otherwise you'd end up like me. Sobs.
Went home with these which cost me my hard work for the last few months.

So far, I'm loving the products - I can see my improving in terms of hydration, the zits are getting smaller, though the scars are still there. So you might won't see me as much in the future haha.

Right after the facial. You can't see the zits on my cheek thanks to the Averine foundation they smacked my face with, but trust me, behind those foundation you won't recognize me.

Being a girl is SO HARD.


  1. hahaha... and one more thing, you pay rm300 ++, and thats how they drew your face???? my 4 year old niece pon bole lukis tu.. hahahha

  2. that's my drawing version laa..of course theirs is much better pfft -__-" taula tak reti lukis sheeshh.

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