the abandoned guitar.

I was downloading songs to fill my phone's 16 GB SD card (yes I'm an avid iPod lover, the girl with earphone 24/7) when I realized that, it's been quite 6 months since I last play guitar.

Stopped playing before due to my FYP craziness, then when I cut my finger I couldn't play at all since the cut was right on the finger I used for playing chords - hence making it impossible for me to even get the right sound for chords. Well, it's not like I've always played the right ones anyway - my G chord sounds suspiciously off tune.

But last weekend when I go back home to my old room, the sight of my untouched guitar kinda makes me sad. Back in Japan, playing guitar was always the one thing that could make all the difference. I remember that one day during summer break, I could ride my bike to that instrument shop a few blocks down just to get the guitar eventhough I had no idea how to play. Insisted my sister to teach through webcam, and she sent me this DVD on learning how to play for beginners; though eventually I learned to play through Youtube.

It was pure fun. Screw that I don't have Rihanna's perfect pitch voice, I'd learn to play in bathroom instead.

I think that's when I developed my love for Youtube singers.

I wish I hadn't stopped playing. I wish I had more hours in a day to allocate for playing; nowadays it is just impossible to spend some time watching TV, let alone playing guitar!

But most of all, I wish I hadn't give up.

So my new resolution is, giving that poor abandoned thing at the corner of my room a chance.

Anyway. Have you listened to Rihanna's California King Bed?

I wasn't following their channel or anything, but I stumbled upon this video and found it so impressive. Heck, 99.9% of Youtube talents are way better than the crap sound I used to produce (99.9% because I once found this girl's video of her trying to make sound of her guitar - not a success, unfortunately.) so it's not hard to impress me.



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