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you give me premature ventricular contractions.

Watched No Strings Attached recently, and LOVED it.

Been waiting for it to come out, and after what seems like forever waiting for the ever annoying Streamyx connection to finally completed the download, I spent the weekend drooling over..Natalie Portman.

I think I have a girl crush on her.

Watched Black Swan, and this part was a totally opposite of who she potrayed in Black Swan. If you're looking for a light chick-flick, this is it. Don't expect too much though, a lot of negative reviews regarding the plot were made but for me, it's just right for a chilling out movie.

I like everything about it, mostly because for once, I can see how the female lead is potrayed as the one who "breaks hearts". It's usually the guy who'd play the womanizer (though I can understand why, apparently nice guys are almost gone from this world. Not my statement.) so I was attached to this movie from the beginning.

It almost hit the spot when Emma (Natalie Portman) says she can't commit, for the reason of "being protective" and "two people aren't meant to be together".

Truth be told, I was familiar with the concept. Fear of losing? Yes. Fear of getting hopes up and ultimately vulnerable to the other person? Yes. Would rather be alone than having your heart broken? Yes. Being perfectly okay alone and not having any serious relationship? Yes.

And you just know when that right person came and all the walls came down. Yes, it feels exactly like that. So if you feel familiar with all of the above, get a weekend night off alone, get some chips and popcorn and Coke, change into your pajama, turn up the volume and this movie could be your down-memory-lane-trip movie.

Because for me, it was exactly that I could cry.

P/S : the lines are to die for, too. The most hilarious, I swear.
PP/S : Ashton Kutcher is bare-butted in this movie. Cover your eyes. Or not.


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