vintage to a whole new level.

If there's one thing I don't mind splurging on, it'd be unique vintage things.

Be it bags, bracelets, rings, pencil box, anything that comes with history or even a bit of old scratch would get me. I can't remember since when, but I have a feeling the constant mentions of the word 'vintage' in Victoria Beckham's That Extra Half An Inch might have something to do with it. -__-

Excuse me, I was 19. Or maybe 20.

My friend donned her vintage bag the last time I saw her, and I couldn't take my eyes off it.

It's a Ferragamo bag, which she got from her grandmother - the bag was previously owned by her, so you can guess how many years it's been.

Granted, it's a Ferragamo so you know it can last forever because well, it's a Ferragamo (I should get some sort of Ferragamo Membership Loyalty Promotion Voucher psshh) but it's the whole story behind it that gets me.

The bag, we can easily buy at stores. But the bag that was previously taken care of, used and loved by our ancestors, and being passed down to us, well..that's a whole different thing.

And maybe it's just a tiny bit coincidence that I'm currently in love with Ferragamo.


  1. the color is nice..patutla macam xfamiliar design die. tapi cantek.

  2. yes yes. so vintage kan?! drools.



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