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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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lovebug(bag) of the month.

I have a confession to make.

I have this weird magazine fetish issue that is seriously draining me out, and my purse.

I'm not kidding. It started with just a stack of magazines after 1 month, but now after nearly 4 months returning to Malaysia my room is in serious condition of being overloaded with the stacks, that even my mum is complaining.

Back in Japan, I used to limit just one stack per month, ordered from Amazon. With the boyfriend looking over my shoulder, I didn't dare to spend much on different kinds of magazines per month - why do you need to read the same topics on different magazines?? They're all telling you the same thing, you know - but now, with book shops just around the corner I really can't control it.

It's getting bad that even now, I have some lying around that I haven't even read yet.


And the saddest part is, whenever I see the magazines lying around my room, I get this guilt feeling hanging on my throat. NOT GOOD. Might be because I earn my money now.

So. The point is, have you bought the latest Harper's Bazaar issue?

Back in Japan, they didn't really give out free stuffs when we buy the magazines. I think that was probably why I went crazy here at book stores - Malaysian publishers are generous.

Because I am too excited over this.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen - now we don't have to google for Anya Hindmarch's bags anymore. Harper's Bazaar gave me this AH's The Little Book so that, you know, you can learn all of the bags' name and memorize them and go to AH stores or drop the hints to your boyfriend.

And yes, I think the fact that I'm obsessed over bag's names is well established, thank you.

The Little Book is actually for AH's latest A/W collection - starring Edie Campbell. Oh my goodness, what a perfect choice.

Most of all, I love her Twiggy-like eye makeup and pout - heck, I think I love her because of Twiggy.

In this book, there's also a list of AH shops around the world. There are even some in Japan, which I think IS A COMPLETE LIE.

I still remember walking around Shinjuku with my phone in hand, frenziedly trying to google map "Anya Hindmarch store" like a lost tourist. Japanese magazines should really start giving out free stuffs about stores list soon.

As of now, my love of the month list would be this.

I hardly ever buy bags in velvet/purple, but this one is an exception. Reminded me of the classic Coach Carly, too.


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