of good company.

Lately, life has been a bliss. I've learned not to be a couch potato (I HAVE to get away from that remote, permanently) and actually go out; even just for a while. An hour. That's what it takes.

Because going out for dinner with your girlfriend is always comforting.
Because good company makes a great difference, inside and out.
Because good food makes up for everything.


 Nana, Syena's sister. (Don't they look identical to you?)

The people I'm gonna annoy a lot after this.

The leopard print scarf was Mum's, she was about to throw the poor thing away when I gladly took it cause it's too pretty to lose.

My obsession with vintage things has taken itself to another level - being recognized by Mum. Seriously.


  1. what camera are u using?! pictures so lawa =D

  2. thanks, it's canon powershot s90 :)

  3. jom jom! insyaAllah bila trn KL ill ring you okay. :)



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