illumination 2010.

So here comes the post. Loadss of pictures and lamps, be warned! :)

The Illumination started at 5 pm, so by 4 pm we were already on our way. It was held at Bihoku National Hillside Park in Hiroshima, but the journey took hourss it felt like forever!

Thanks to kabus and not-so-helpful GPS we reached there around 7, and got the shock of our lives when the coldness was eating our bones. After a few minutes I couldn't even feel my face anymore! Thank God one of my kohai brought extra gloves, because if not I won't feel my hands till today.

It was my first time, so there were lots and lots of "ooh so nice.." "ooh lawanye.." and I mean it, A LOT. See the pictures if you don't believe me.

All pictures from Wawa, Nazu, Afzam, Alif and Basha's SLR.

I am so blessed to be surrounded with SLR-owned friends and juniors. Hehe.

Some pictures from my poor old Canon digicam (hey, it's a Powershot! So it's actually not so bad ok) :

 In the car
The hugee Christmas tree lamp in front of the park
Woah I feel like such a pro.
Hi, I like your candy.
Probably my favorite picture of all. Just because of the heart candy.

Looking at the pictures make me kinda sad cause I realize March is getting near, and all of these would be one of old memories that I won't forget. It's crazy because I just didn't realize how much I've grown these past four years; how many things happened, how many people I've met, how much new things I've learned. It feels like just yesterday that I was one of the youngest here in Hiroshima, and now everyone's calling me 'kakak' (well except Basha, Sidek, Sue and some others).

December is coming to an end, and 2011 will soon be here. I feel nostalgic.


  1. cantik2 gambar illumination.

    mine were super buruks.


  2. the pictures r lovely~ jealous !

  3. diloz : i refused to believe that..haha. saw your pictures, theyre awesome lah :)

    anon : thanks, credits to my SLR-owned friends :)



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