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soft addiction.

I have a confession to make.

I think I have a soft addiction.

A few days ago I stumbled across an article on Yahoo news, about this particular supposedly-psychological habit and felt like I've been slapped in the face.

OMG, I have an addiction. Now all of the symptoms make sense - my friends always complain that I hardly go out, I'm always MIA from gatherings, I hang out with my phone too much - and I didn't even realize it!

Ok maybe going a bit over the edge there, perhaps I'm not that bad..but still.

I read my friend's blog yesterday, and ironically she posted about something similar too. Girlfriends DO have sixth sense, sometimes.

Reading the article, I finally realize what my friends and family had been nagging me about. Maybe my spending isn't that bad - it's not like I spend my money buying things out of boredom, but whenever I surf the net online boutiques I always find myself thinking 'ooh I don't have this, I don't have that' and ended up having tons of stuffs I initially didn't need in the shopping cart. AND the watching reruns part is so true.

Receiving parcels like this at my doorstep practically every week wasn't weird to me then. It IS to me now.

I always thought my room is my world. I'd stay home very weekend just to catch up with my weekly dose of TV drama and movies, while everyone else is out camping or picnic at the beach or eating sushi at the famous sushi place or just doing anything fabulous - which I thought just aren't my thing. To me being antisocial, staying home doing reports and assignments, killing time learning to play guitar etc are much more fulfilling than dressing up and going out.

Yes, that's what Japanese university education does to you.

Maybe it's not all bad; it doesn't hurt to stay in sometimes but it's not healthy when it becomes a bad habit. You've got to live a little.

Though I'm proud to say I'm getting better at the overshopping part (since I went back to Malaysia last month and reality kicked me in the ass after the credit card bill arrived) but still, the doubt is there. I mean, my boyfriend doesn't call me a shopaholic for nothing.

So I braced myself to take the quiz, and the result :

Bye bye room. Hello, world.


  1. I second this! at this stage we shuld enjoy life to d fullest. or else, we will regret sooner. u know la after kahwin..everyday ur lifetime akan devoted to workloads, houseworks, hubby etc... So this is the time :)
    Also glad with d change of 'overshopping' habit!ahaks. mase ni la nak kaut duit jepun yg mahallll tuh banyak2 bawak malaysia! untung gile ;)

  2. i know! its gonna be totally different from how we are now. 23 is young rightt haha.

    tulah, im refraining myself from nonsense purchases..less than 6 months to kumpul duit and go back for good. insyaAllah :)

  3. yeehaa~~ though we are 5 hours parted from each other (kalau naik bas), we can still read each other's mind. haha! i think my addiction to internet is very chronic. let's support each other so that we can lead a much healthier life. =D

  4. AGREE! hahahah ;) i think mine lagi chronic i spend everyday waiting for next episode of gg, vampire diaries, glee, smallville, desperate housewives lazy nak klua -_-

    come here laa boleh ronggeng! :D


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