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oita futsal taikai.

I was in Kyushu last weekend, and managed to go to Oita Futsal Taikai (match) the Malaysian students in this particular region held.

No, I didn't play. THAT would be hystoric.

In fact there weren't any girls from my batch go to the match - I was the only one!! So yeah I was on the bench 500 metres from the field (futsal court?) and basically not knowing anything that goes on at all. Could see the points' board (?) from afar but didn't really know what goes on, who won, who lose..

Should see this coming. Hehe.
But futsal seems so fun, felt like going Gol & Gincu there. I imagined taking pictures after the match; me in heels, trying to kick the ball into the net..but that didn't happened, cause I know he won't let me embarrass him in front of his Fukuoka family and friends like that.

Well, next time. I promise.

Didn't take close-up pictures of them, SO HERE I AM SWALLOWING MY PRIDE STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU SAYING I'M SORRY for not being a good bencher..(get it?? the latest song from Taylor Swift; Back To December. Awesome song!) I know I should've taken lots of pictures of you playing; but didn't get to do it. So sorry. :(

So these are some of the pictures that I managed to take :
No, I was NOT bored.

But the best part of the day :

Guess whose team was "KYUDAI BOYS" ?? Hahahaha okay but "MAWAR" prolly sounds even cuter..hehe.

Too bad there wasn't any girls' team. I've thought of lots of cute names we'd be having when I looked at this board.

He was prolly the happiest man that day; getting to meet his friends and playing futsal and whatnot. Except the fact that his friend's team won.
Kumamoto team won!
Dedicated to Neng & Chikorn :)

Still, I had fun :) Thanks to him for 'inviting' me. Haha.

I've been to Gifu Taikai and Hiroshima Taikai so Oita Taikai marks the final taikai I'd ever go here in Japan. Best thing is each taikai represents the place - Gifu is slightly at the north-er part of Japan, Hiroshima is slightly in between north-er part and Kyushu (southern part).

I'm a very complicated person.


  1. whoaaa there u go...long awaited of..Tom Welling & Taylor Lautner!!!!! hehhe Thanks Atil! :)
    aah i asked neng, did u manage to talk to Atil??he said noo not r'lly..she was all the way under d kemah jage complexion hahhah :D he told me he called u si cantik! coz u were d hottest 'single' lady among all those married women phffft! Congrato to both Tay n Tom! ;)

  2. hahahah cet Neng!! i was under khemah all the time sbb takde geng la hahaha! tulah had to lepak with the kakak2 there, nasib baik i didnt have to jaga their kids lol ;) me and kohai Neng je kot yg girls, and die pun busy pegi shoot diorg main bola.

    TAK DENGAR PUN NENG PANGGIL?! hahahah! ye la dah i was the only one single among them lol ;) nak gi borak dgn Neng but Tom Welling might get jealous. hmm. yea congrats to them :))

  3. yaaa.. i know i`m hot well fact can`t be change huu~

    oit ak dah soh kecikkan skek badan ak , awat tak edit neh .jatuh aa air muke ak dah gemuk neh .die bahan ak sepanjang zaman kang huaha

    good entry then
    yuolls gossiping around~

  4. hahaha sorry Neng aku tak reti edit la -_- ala tak nmpk pun, kau kat sebelah Tom Welling tu mmg la..cube teke berat die brape.

    eh tapi die dah tough skrg. *blushed* :)

  5. Eiuw ok neng cmnt kauuu?!hahhaha!hi korg! *waving dgn smgt skali* :D

  6. HI HAWE!!!! *waving back dgn semangatnya* :D :D


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