i'm an aunt, officially!

Babies are seriously, so smart.

They just came into this world all innocent and white and chubby, turning everyone who's looking into their fan in just an instant by going all 'aww so cuteeeee' and 5 minutes later throw tantrums because they haven't gotten their afternoon milk.

I'm really no good with kids/babies, cause I just couldn't stand baby talk and their sticky hands. Seriously, even if we don't have jams, they always seem to have jams in their hands.

But when my sister gave birth to my first baby niece, I turned into this baby lunatic.

I can't stop kissing her, hugging her, pinching her nose, smelling her skin, I can spend hours just staring at her. When we first took her home, me and my brother just sat by her bed, staring at her, somehow wishing she would miraculously get a lot bigger and start talking. Babies are dull; it's true, but it's a lot better that way cause they can't talk back to you and complain.

Even now, she's sleeping in the living room but I still miss her. She's not even mine, it's so funny haha. My mum still couldn't believe the sudden change.

Nur Alya Zahirah is the cutest baby I've ever seen. *heart melts*

She was admitted to ward again when she was only 3 days old; because of demam kuning. God knows how worried we were; she needed to be put under a blue light in an incubator and she couldn't stop wailing. It was a heartbreaking moment for us, seeing her like that.

But alhamdulillah, she's getting better and we took her home yesterday. But still, please pray for her health cause she can be admitted again anytime. 

On another note, I know I haven't been faithful much to my blogging commitment - believe me, I tried! But being an aunt is so HARD (read the sleep poop part) but I know it's not an excuse. I made my mum put the computer in my room so I can blog in peace, my drafts are piling up. Gotta put that sister-slash-assistant idea in action.


  1. Nur Alya Zahira. great name for a great baby. hehe... congratsssss atil!!! to ur sister and ur family! =))

  2. kan! i miss her already.. *cries*
    thank youuuu :))



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