this is an abusement.

This, is the proof that he's a Manchester United hardcore fan. AND has been trying to abuse me with his obsession.

All of the above were given by my boyfriend whenever he feels like showering me with MU stuffs. Not included in the picture (cause I don't remember where I put them..probably under my bed or something) are MU keychains, posters and magazines. I swear, this guy has a problem. He constantly buys MU things from their website and would always buy me something too, up to the point that sometimes I just wish he's into Chanel..hehe.

The 'Little Miss United' was for kids (girls), but he thought it's for girls so he bought me one, and now I don't know what to do with it. The black ManUtd shirt was for men but there's a 'RONALDO' print at the back so he gave it to me. Though of course I won't fit -_- See, you could've just bought me a Zara shirt or something..

The pink bling-ed one is actually nice! Thank God. And the jersey too.

I was arranging things in my wardrobe, and honestly I have no idea I have THIS much clothes. Seriously, Atil, you don't need anymore tops/dresses/whatsoever.

Was thinking of sorting them out according to color/long or short sleeves, but am too lazy..I'm giving up already. Anyone want to help?

My mum would kill me if she saw this.


  1. dats one hella clothes! why dont u sell some dat u dont want nymore?

  2. I wanna sell but I don't have time to set up a new blog and all..will try to do it when I have time :) or maybe just give them away to you guys hehe. thanks though!



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